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Turn-Around Time

All lab test orders are processed Monday to Friday 9am-5 pm Eastern Time. Results for commonly ordered tests are typically available within 3 business days after collection at a patient service center. Specialized tests could take 5 to 14 business days to get results.

How to Locate a Lab

If you did not complete your blood draw at the clinic please take your lab requisition provided by the doctor into any LabCorp location along with a photo ID. LabCorp centers are typically open during business hours Mon-Fri. with some locations open Saturdays. No appointment is necessary but you can schedule an appointment on their website Scheduling an appointment may save wait time if the lab is busy. No additional charges will be required.

To find a lab near you, please click here:


Fasting is usually recommended for common tests like glucose and lipid profiles. Some physicians prefer that testosterone testing be done before breakfast since food may temporarily decrease blood level of testosterone. If you ordered a lipid (cholesterol) panel or a testosterone blood test (and are not currently on testosterone replacement therapy), it is recommended that you fast for at least 8 hours before getting your blood drawn in the morning at the location you choose.

The following panels required fasting:

12 hours - CMP (14), Lipid Panels, Renal Function Panel
8 to 10 hours - Insulin, NMR LipoProfile, Glucose, GGT
6 to 8 hours - B12, Folate, magnesium, Homocysteine

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is of the utmost importance. Drink extra water for 24 hours prior to your draw and refrain from drinking alcohol for 72 hours prior to collection.

Time of day

Depending on your current treatment and your doctors reason for testing, there may be an optimal time of day in which the test should be completed. Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions for your laboratory tests.

Having labs taken early morning is recommended for the following tests:

  • ACTH
  • Glucose Plasma
  • PTH
  • Testosterone

Taking your Medications

Take your medications prior to your appointment. However, if you have diabetes and are on oral medications or insulin, check with your doctor whether to take these medications. See below for special instructions for hormone replacement medications.

Important Info for those on Hormone Replacement Therapy.

If you are on hormone replacement of any type, please be sure to have your labs drawn BEFORE your hormone cream application or hours before your next testosterone injection.