How It Works

Health and wellness professionals can now offer people low cost blood testing with an emphasis on tests that focus on hormones, nutrition, metabolic disorders, and other preventable diseases. Blood testing facilities are located nationwide so patients receive fast and convenient service. 4PMD doctors are multi-state licensed and practice in a variety of specialties that focus on performance, longevity, and life quality. Areas of specialty include Family and Sports Medicine, Interventional Hormone Therapies, Body Composition, Nutritional Medicine and Metabolic Disease.

You will learn how to order blood tests that will empower people with the knowledge needed to take charge of their own health and overcome limitations which may be affecting their progress. The information provided by the test will allow you to make any necessary adjustments in supplementation or treatment based on real data rather than guesswork.

If you are a licensed or certified health professional but do not have an NPI# to order blood tests, 4PMD offers a way to request blood testing with the full support of a licensed medical doctor.

Any user who wishes to order tests under their own NPI # will have the opportunity to make that request during registration.

Our initial intake requires basic information completed during registration. In addition we require your professional license information and confirmation that you have agreed to our Privacy Agreement and Terms of Service. We provide easy to follow, step by step instructions, to ensure smooth incorporation into your practice. All fees are charged to your credit card on file. We do this for each test at the time the order is submitted, and the total for each patient will appear on your receipt. There are no fees to join or maintain service, and no hidden charges of any kind.

4PMD members have exclusive access to low cost specialty testing, educational resources, and physician support through your secure customized 4PMD platform.

You have two options to order lab testing:

(1) Conveniently order any lab test and manage your order history using our customized ordering application. Please refer to our Basic Ordering Instructions below for more information.

(2) Ordering Physicians may also order lab tests using a complete requisition. Please email the requisition to You may also fax them to 813-434-2377. If faxing them, we recommend calling 15-20 minutes after doing so to ensure we have successfully received them. Please visit your account dashboard on the 4PMD website to download a sample requisition template.

Results for common tests are usually provided within 3 business days after collection. Some of the more specialized tests may take a few days or more. Our Customer Service team is always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Basic Ordering Instructions

  1. Login to your 4PMD account.
  2. Select which blood tests you would like to order by adding each test to your cart.
  3. Once you have selected all the tests you would like to order proceed to check out where you will select the patient who is receiving the tests.
  4. If you are ordering tests for a new patient who is not already saved in your account, please add the patient’s information at this time. Patient information can be saved for repeat orders.

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If you don’t want to manage ordering online you may also email a lab requisition to 4PMD Orders using the lab order template in your account dashboard.

Contact our team for any needed support!